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The college years are some of the most formative of life. But they can also be some of the most challenging to navigate well. This site was created from a desire to promote conversations, share resources, find encouragement, and explore the life and faith of today's college students and all who come alongside them.






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Is This How God Works In Us?

  This past spring I spent the term talking with the students in my class about how we are formed by God. We read some great stuff. Explored some big questions. Engaged in some different practices that have been used by Christians throughout history. We talked a lot about where we are, where we have […]

Don’t Limit Them

Have you seen this? A colleague passed this along… and it was too good not to share! For me, this message speaks to the crux of our work in campus ministry – walking alongside students as they navigate the intersection of faith, gifts, passions, and (hopefully) future work. Watch this… So, how do you talk […]

Thinking About the Beginning

Life is full of new beginnings. There are opportunities every day to start something new, to begin something afresh. In fact, scripture tells us that each day holds inevitable newness of its own. New mercies from God, to be received, enjoyed, appreciated, and fully experienced in that day. And although all beginnings are important, there […]

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